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Chiron Wisdom Sessions

Chiron Wisdom Sessions


I am curious if you have noticed a change a presence of old patterns and old pains looping in and out of your day?  Did it start really getting your attention since April 2019 and increasing now?  What else have you noticed?  And did you notice how personal and in your face some of these patterns became?  Are they asking for your attention? 

I am a collector of information and as a multidimensional gatherer, I get information from A LOT of different places.  I scan articles, new books, posts, and blogs to see where there in valuable information to pass along to you.  
What I noticed was how significant a couple of key planets have become in our day to day world, especially the little powerful planet of Chiron, the Wounded Healer.  This planet weaves between Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus and hold them all together.  It also has the ability to influence each of us and guide us towards the deep work of exploring and releasing some old patterns and pains from our childhood. 

This is the first time I have been able to use a guide to explore how we grew up, what we took patterned and duplicated, what was in resonance with our soul and what was not, how we masked our dissonance, and what we pass along to others in our love relationships and our children if we are parenting.  This is HUGE. 

I offer a new way to access deep reoccurring patterns from our old wounds that keep us stuck.  The information that comes together is truly transformational.  Can you imagine understanding yourself with clarity, and compassion, and then feeling so much just fall off of you? Playing with Chiron is that powerful right now.  So let me be of service to you. 

A Chiron Wisdom session is 90 minutes, over Zoom and recorded so you can access it anytime.  


The fee for this is $199.  

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