Expanding Self Knowledge


Have you noticed the world around you changing?  Perhaps the frequencies you are accustomed to have been shifting?  Maybe your body is reacting to unknown/unseen energies and this is showing up in sleeplessness, agitation, or even roaming body pains?


Over the last couple of decades we have been increasing into higher levels of frequencies primarily due to the arrival of these New Energy Kids and as they impact the world, they also impact each of us.  Powerfully if you are parenting some of these new young ones. 


What specifically have you noticed?  Are you feeling pulled?  Are you seeing some of your old patterns and old pains looping in and out of your day?  Did these patterns get really personal and in your face?  Are they asking for your attention? 

What if there was a way to hone in on what is going on and use the location of Chiron in your astrological birth chart to reveal some of the areas to start the exploration?  What if Chiron can provide a short cut through the discovery process and zero in on a key point of origination?  If this was possible, would you want do some really profound and deep self exploration and build some strong self knowledge? 


In 2018 I had a huge nudge to use the astrological location of the little, yet powerful astroid Chiron, and use it with the deep energetic family relationship coaching I was doing with a therapeutic program.  Chiron is known to most as the Wounded Healer.  The location of your Chiron can direct you to some of the core wounding your hold in your body, and also reveal your greatest strengths.  I have discovered Chiron's wisdom to be invaluable in my own work, guiding family systems,  and in my coaching practice. 


This astroid showed up in 1977, discovered by Charles Kowal, and it weaves between Saturn and Uranus.  These two planets are at the forefront of our global, communal, and personal challenges we are currently facing.  Hmmmmmm.  Seems to me that there is an invitation here to learn as much as we can and let Chiron also guide us towards our most powerful strengths! 


It is a new source of information that happens to coincide with the introduction of the Indigo's that started showing up en mass also in 1977.


I believe Chiron is here to bring us into exploring and releasing some old patterns and pains from our childhood, and chosen contracts, so we can finally release the ideas of our limitations, our victim hurts, and our old stories and spring out into the world with a new clarity of self and purpose.  This is quite a jolt of liberation!


In an initial exploration session, and in our coaching

sessions, we will use the astrology chart, the placement

of Chiron, and tarot cards to explore how we grew up,

what we took on, and what we pass along to others in our

love relationships and our children if we are parenting. 

This is HUGE. 

With Chiron Retrograde from July 15th- December 20th,

we are each effected by the plunge inward to do some

long awaited uncovering of old issues that keep us stuck,

and the opportunity to polish off some skills you have

and get them out there. 

For those of you born between 1968 and 1977, we are

currently back in the Chiron return to Aries and I would

imagine the years between 2019 and 2027 are going to

keep unfolding a great deal of information to guide you



Getting to know Chiron is truly transformational.  Can you imagine understanding yourself with powerful  levels of clarity, sovereignty, and compassion?  And feeling lifetimes simply fall off of you?  


Playing with Chiron is that powerful right now.  

Let me guide you through this work.

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Here are a couple of testimonials from my most recent Chiron sessions .....


Denise Dryden is an exceptionally skilled and gifted intuitive spiritual advisor. I have been on my spiritual path since the early 1980s. I have had my astrological chart and numerological profile done on several occasions as well as learning countless healing modalities. I do my inner work on a daily basis. So when I learned of Denise's work, I was somewhat skeptical that it would prove itself to be beneficial. I could not have been more wrong. Denise was able to peer into my soul and provide new insights on my family of origin. And also on how I run my energy and interact with the world and in life in a totally fresh way that left me saying "Bingo" in excitement many times throughout our session. I now have a new level of insight and clarity about my life path that will help me move forward in my soul's world service work. 


Russell E. DiCarlo, Author, "Towards a New World View: Conversations At The Leading Edge"

“Working with Denise is one of the most powerful, self-love actions I’ve ever undertaken. Denise innately activates our own inner knowing, bringing clarity to the Self, all while she leads as a compassionate and wise guide. “ 

"I am a mother of 4 and in my 40s.  I am a medium and channel and just got the courage to start my personal empowerment business. My Chiron Wisdom Session with Denise Dryden validated what I had discovered through years of personal work.  I wish 20 year old me would have had access to those insights via coaching session.  However even after having figured out what the problem was, I was unclear as to the cause. 


My session with Denise was a lot of fun and I walked away with a new insight- that my extreme empathic skills were at the core of my most frustrating behaviors throughout my life. Since my session with Denise I have become more conscious of my energy levels and when I need to take time to recharge so that I can reach my goals and skip the self-sabotaging behavior."