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More specifics about Denise Dryden

Denise is woman of multiple intelligences, an ancient soul and an Indigo master here to help dismantle the old paradigms and make room for more stable and sustainable platforms for the children of our future.  She understands the epic changes we are facing as we dismantle the old systems that no longer serve our children and the process of construction for the new.​

She is a profoundly grounded and a practical coach, teacher, and seeder of new information. Denise normalizes the unique challenges we may be experiencing as each New Energy generation arrives and up levels our frequencies. 


She understands these invisible shifts and offers each client with warm, collaborative and direct presence. She is the embodiment of compassion and wisdom as she provides a neutral space for you to align and integrate with energy knowledge, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual confidences, and participate in relationships from a powerfully informed place.

Denise’s training is eclectic, as you would want it to be, in order to address the new energetic kids and the changes and challenges necessary to confidently raise an energy child. Her training was honed in the educational, therapeutic, metaphysical, and familial systems. Her skills are unique and highly effective.

Background & Training


Denise spent a decades acquiring experiences, gathering information and developing tools to build a solid knowledge based practice that is relevant to support the new energetic kids arriving since 1989.


She is an educator and a historian. She studied Medieval and Renaissance history, and the metaphysical fields in the U.S. and at Oxford, England.  She teaches and seeds everything she is interested in learning herself.  She taught geography, 20th Century history, voluntary simplicity, as well as strategic marketing to business students, conference professionals, and trade-show executives. She is from an entrepreneurial family, raised her kids in a home-based business, and has owned three separate businesses since her early 20’s. 

Denise has managed admissions for adolescent and young adult therapeutic programs and is an entrusted gatekeeper for educational consultants, therapists and parents seeking specific support for a struggling teen or burgeoning adult.

Denise is the mother of three energetically sensitive Millennials who have taught her well.  They are now happy adults who continue to reflect and teach her the dynamic landscape of these game-changing kids.  She spent her time as a mother introducing them to the experiential gifts of this world: how to cook, keep a space clean and organized, get a job and manage their own money, camp, appreciate movies, play card games and - most importantly - how play and integrate time and space into their adult world. 

Since 2010 she has built an integrational coaching practice, supporting parents as they navigate through confusion, frustration, anger, grief, blame, and sometimes denial about the different ways their child adapts or resists the old structures of our culture. 

She has vast experiences with the traditional Psycho-Educational Assessments for adolescents and young adults.  She also uses a variety of non-traditional assessment tools to explore the dominant patterns of the last decades while modernizing and enhancing them with the rise of information on the energetically sensitive new kids. 

Denise has been developing intuitive and energy skills over the last 10 years.  She attended two separate mystery schools to learn the ancient wisdoms of tarot, astrology, numerology, human energetic systems, the Tree of Life, and how to develop personalized guidance from within.  She is a master tarot reader, a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant and has integrated these skill sets into developing tools that successfully guide the parents of the new energetic kids.

Her work to normalize astrology as a guide to self-knowledge has been ground breaking within familial systems.  She uses the asteroid Chiron to provide clarity on old familial and generational wounds, specific issues to address in parenting and relationships, and hone in on repetitive patterns.  Yet her primary focus is to use this information to flip each of these pieces of information into proactive perspectives and powerful skills to move forward out of the old paradigms.

Currently, Denise creates multidimensional assessments, builds empowerment and vibrational language tools, and is broadening the availability of resonance defining skills as bridging techniques for parents, mentors, and guides for current and future generations.

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