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What people are saying...

Parent Coach

Coaching Peers

"Denise's clear gift of intuitive instinct, paired with her years of expertise in almost every realm, is the most amazing blend when pulling the pieces together. She is one of the most powerful teacher, coach, woman, I have ever had the privilege to work with."

Coaching those who parent

Integrational Coach

"Denise is exceptionally helpful to me: very direct and applicable advice and counsel."


"Denise reminded me that in order to be truly happy I need to make decisions with not ONLY my analytical thinking brain but ALSO with my heart. Over the last year, I have worked hard to retrain my brain and heart to work together in my decision making process. This has meant confronting the scary task of giving up some control over my destiny and TRUSTING the path my heart is leading me on. In my case this led to a location change, a new school for my son, and a different career track. I am so much happier now, and so is my family. Thank you Denise for helping me find the courage to identify my negative patterns and to make positive changes in my life. I recommend Denise to anyone who is feeling lost and is ready to make changes and evolve. Believe me, you will be happy you did it."

Integrational Coach

"Denise has the most amazing insight; that and her incredible tool kit mean that every time I have a session with her, I come away with more awareness. She helps me get where I need to be within myself in order for necessary shifts to take place in my life. She also has the uncanny ability to help me see the real "track" I'm on instead of the imaginary track I pretend I am on! "

“Working with Denise is one of the most powerful, self-love actions I’ve ever undertaken. Denise innately activates our own inner knowing, bringing clarity to the Self, all while she leads as a compassionate and wise guide. “


"Denise is a gifted, intuitive coach. With her guidance, I have moved into a much deeper awareness of my soul essence, purpose, and callings. She has illuminated blockages and given me tools to create the shifts necessary to be in alignment with much more ease."


"It has taken me some time to understand what Denise actually did for me. I have always been a closed off and reserved person when it came to deep emotional issues. In my conversations with Denise, we explored these issues in the most unobtrusive way I could imagine. There was no poking or prodding, or obvious questions that lead to certain outcomes. What happened was something more. She was able to present the conversation in a way that led me, the individual, to figure out the answers I had all along."

Coaching Peer

Coach with Double Pisces Energy

"With a Pisces Sun and Moon, Denise has a coaching depth to offer... she is able to add to your tool box a sense of wonder that helps transcend the deep struggles. She works with you to believe in something beyond your intellectual brilliance and certainty, accessible only through the heart."

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