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New Energy Kids

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Crystals, Rainbows & Diamonds

From 1977 to the present we have seen a series of new energies arriving through our family systems that hold vibrations and views that are unique to our world.  Their introduction to our world has changed the energy and we each experience the expansions offered by these new energies.  Whether it is the rebellious and strong willed Indigo, the vibrational coherences of the Crystals, the blending skills of the Rainbows, or the telepathic communications, the intelligent observation skills and refusal to conform from the Diamonds, something is really cool and different about these energies!

In the last 25 years I have advocated for these new energies within the school systems, the therapeutic industry, and the established familial systems.  I started my work coaching parents of Crystals and grew with information and wisdoms through the Rainbows, and now my work is to celebrate the arrival of the Diamond energetic kids and provide insights, awareness, tools, skills for these tools, and a continue to create ways to advocate and inform the world of these progressing energies.

If you can feel this calling to you, perhaps there is work we can do together.


I wrote a book about the Indigos and do a monthly exploration conversation series with Lisa Gunshore on YouTube helping all of us understand the sheer power of the Indigo now as they continue to change each decade as they grow through our systems. 


I empower Crystals in their relationships with their family, their work, and their parenting if they are now parenting.

I represent the Rainbow energy to those who parent, teach, coach, or guide these powerful change makers.  These beautiful and unique souls have a very specific goal to remove definitive lines between energies and supporting them can often mean letting go of what you always thought life would be or do.

The Diamond energies are the new arrivals, they embody unconditional love and have an innate ability to resist conditioning.  So if you are a parent, grandparent, educator or caregiver of these young ones they will bring up and trigger all your own patterns, conditionings and programmed life expectations…. As intended.

Bottom line, I spent most of my life building awareness, information, tools, and coaching approaches directly for these new energy kids and can be such a resource for you if you are challenged or struggling.  For you are their navigator, their guide to this Earth and together we can develop and solidify your confidence in this role.

Click here to head over to the different offerings I provide for those of you interested in these New Energies. 

Here are a powerful testimonial from my most recent Diamond energy sessions .....


“For me, there is no one more magnificent, sagacious, supportive, wise and gracious as a coach, guide and teacher than Denise. As a parent of a diamond child, I compare the experience to traveling uncharted pure, gorgeous, enchanted, and most certainly magical territory. That being said, this magical territory, its land, its waters, its fires and skies are so pure and awe striking that at times the journey can be sensationally overwhelming.


Finding Denise at the time I did helped me in ways I could not at the time believe ever would. She has helped me develop and hone and explore parts of myself and my youngest child I could not access before working with Denise. Learning to see and listen and speak with the heart intelligence and greater field of experiences we have access to has made this journey I realize I am not only prepared to be on, but also one that I am currently honored to be trailblazing.


I appreciate every step on the journey in a way that makes each now moment more powerful loving and connected. My gratitude to Denise is infinite and if you stumble upon an opportunity to work with Denise, you have been given a gift that will require your heart and she honors and is loyal to your heart in a way that only the heart can explain. For me, it’s with gratitude and with the love that is divine. Thank you from the bottom top left right and center of my heart Denise!!! “ 

~ Ashley Fronheiser

“Denise brings a non-traditional and unique approach to a traditional process of growth. What a ripe time we live in! I can’t imagine parenting and navigating all the shifts and changes of our society, without people like Denise. She is full of golden nuggets of wisdom and an ally to the inquisitive, and motivated parent longing to adapt and support their family from the most healthy and authentic perspective for themselves and their family.”

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