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Building Tools & Skills

for adaptability, embodiment, and stabilization
in a constantly changing world

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Each of us has our own energy system and we respond and react to events and experiences based on old learned programs and familial patterning.  These old familial patterns can hold anxiety, addiction, narcissism, and overwhelm. What if there are ways to gently normalize these old energetic reactions and learn tools to take you immediately out of the old energy into a more stabilized version of you?

We also respond to the collective changes on our planet and over the last few decades we have been upgrading our frequencies, increasing our physical and energetic sensitivities, and reconnecting to many of our intuitive skill sets.  As these "new" skills come online, I would imagine it can be ver difficult to understand and navigate? 

In the last 10 years of coaching women, men, parents, teens, familial systems and clinical professionals, I have developed a kickass collection of unique and eclectic tools and individualized these tools with skills specific to the situation and experiences with energy. We explore your own energetic experiences with sensitivities, empathic skills, ways you might “know” information and whether you let this information guide you or try to silence it.  We normalize both your experiences, remove the power they may have over your reactions and bring these insights and skills into your closest relationships. 

Through the identification of known and unknown patterns, normalizing the energy of these, and integrating your new knowledge of these energies, you can hold yourself solidly in your body.  This embodiment and wisdom helps you face the ongoing challenges of daily life and the ongoing changes and chaos of our world at this time.


Click here to head over to the different offerings to help you develop and strengthen your adaptability, embodiment, and stabilization tools.  

Here are a couple of testimonials from my most recent Integrational coaching sessions 


"Before working with Denise, I struggled to manage feelings of overwhelm and symptoms of complex trauma while moving through a high conflict divorce and a teen in crisis.  With gentle patience and dedication, Denise guided me through a time of profound personal transformation. 


She taught me how to calm my system down when triggered, build strength to observe and not react and hold boundaries with courage and compassion.  As a result, I've gained a greater sense of embodiment, ease, and personal presence in my parenting approach and personal expression. 


Denise is a master guide who's helped me develop the self-awareness I need

to step toward my highest potential."


"Denise didn't give up on me, even when it seemed I might never be able to embody a sense of calm, groundedness, and ease. She cracked my tough defenses and guided me through a profound personal transformation with great patience and sensitivity.  I will forever be grateful for her powerful approach, masterful coaching, and unwavering dedication."

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