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Module 1.0

Module 1.0


Topic: Your Relationship with Being Uncomfortable


Lesson/Exercise Outcomes:


Build awareness of when you experience a level of being uncomfortable, irritated, or unsettled, and when your reaction-response patterns are activated.  Pay attention to:

- physical sensations and where they reside

- mental imagery that shows up

- emotions, feelings, vibrations, or resonance

- conditioned responses


Recognize your triggers and the origin of these uncomfortable sensations.  Are they current?


Connected to your childhood? Are they imprinting or old programming?


Identify if these triggers are yours or belong to someone else or a larger collective


Practice listening to your body as an internal guidance system


Play with your growth edges in order to change old reactionary patterns


Advocate for what you need to break-through your growth edges when your body is communicating with you through physical, mental, emotional sensations.

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