Denise Dryden

Expand self-knowledge, deepen adaptability,

and adjust to the increasing energy shifts we are experiencing

with the progressions of these New Energy Kids. 

Quick Quiz:  Do any of these qualities feel familiar to you?

Perhaps you or your child, teen or young adult demonstrates some of these new energy traits? 

  • Highly intelligent, observant and curious

  • Shiny or bright in their essence

  • Sensitive to senses, environment, or people

  • Empathic

  • Experiencing nervous system reactions like anxiety and/or overwhelm

  • Not responding to traditional parenting, conditioning, or linear sequencing

  • Refusing consequences or non-responsive to consequences

  • Captivating, challenging and frustrating

  • Aloof from interactions, appears contracted, overwhelmed at social environments or gatherings

  • Not interested in educational performance, college educations, or working in expected ways

About Denise

Denise collects pieces of wisdom and turns them into information.  As an expert observer and assessor of the energetic frequencies and patterns within relationships, she works with what is changing and what holds invisible tensions and constricts energetic potentials.


Her spidey sense went off in 2014 when she noticed something different was happening on our planet and it was showing up specifically within the family of origin and current familial systems.  She began to address what she is seeing, in the programs she mentored, and the clients she coached.  She started building tools to assist the family system as it learned to expand it role and help each member discover what needed to shift and adjust so they could grow. 


She works with parents when the daily energetic tensions get all tangled up and become prohibitive to thriving. Her work is mainly within child to parent, parent to child, parent to parent, and relationship with self.

She uses her accumulated experiences, higher mind function and multidimensional perspectives to explore the relationship dynamics in need of acceptance, growth and frequencies so the family system can support the child in empowered ways. This includes parent child conflicts, emotional reactivity related to sensitivities or reactive nervous systems, educational refusals, and budding empathic skills within those born since 1989. She is particularly focused on those children born in the last 12 years who hold a unique ability to refuse to comply with old conditionings and hold tremendous wisdoms.  

If you are looking for tools to navigate through the changing roles of parenting, partnering, and stewarding, Denise is able to guide you through your own self-knowledge; identify the challenges you face, your gifts, strengths and skills, and integrate some solid adjustments into your relationships. You will discover new self-wisdoms to create alternative perspectives and perceptions of what is actually possible. 


This is especially important as a parent of the new Diamond energy children. 

Take a moment to explore how she feels to you.  


Watch a video or two, click on some of her offerings, and let your curiosity flourish.

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Coaching Offerings

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Self knowledge is the key to creating ease and change.

Use Chiron as a starting point to access old patterns and wounds and flip these into powerful and grounded core strengths your were born to use as you journey forward.


Specifically if you were you born between 1968-1977.

Develop and deepen your ability to assess and respond to whatever happens in the external world.  These sessions are designed to deepen your empathic skills so you can navigate the big energetic shifts, life changes, and parenting challenges.   

Specially focused on normalizing energy awareness and responses. 

If you have a dynamic new energy kid, this is where you learn how to create new perspectives, build tools and skills, and untangle any stress or fears you may carry about how to support them. 


 Specifically for those who care for Crystalline, Rainbow and Diamond children. 


Presentations & Interviews

The Shift Network - Evolutionary Empath 2019
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The Shift Network - Evolved Empath 2020
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“Denise is a gifted, intuitive coach. With her guidance, I have moved into a much deeper awareness of my soul essence, purpose, and callings. She has illuminated blockages and given me tools to create the shifts necessary to be in alignment with much more ease."
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