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Denise Dryden

Mystical development.
Teaching, strengthening and recognizing

the mastery of our energetic skills.

“Denise is a gifted, intuitive coach and guide. With her guidance, I have moved into a much deeper awareness of my soul essence, purpose, and callings. She has illuminated blockages and given me tools to create the shifts necessary to be in alignment with
much more ease."

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Shifting Perspectives With The Flares
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Deep Insightful Tarot

Do you have important questions to ponder?

Create magical insights for yourself!














Some of your questions might sound like.....

                                              What is going on? Am I loosing my mind?

                                            I feel lost - Everything feels like it is changing!

                                             What if I don't want to be married anymore?

                                       What if I don't want this job or this kind of work anymore?

                                  How do I tell my parents I don't want to keep going to college?

These are the questions I hear almost daily now. With all the swirling

energies over this last year, maybe I can assist you

in navigating through the challenges you are exploring?

I am offering tarot sessions and classes!

You book with me

whenever you need a way

to explore or integrate change.





Integrational Coaching Offerings

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Self knowledge is the key to creating ease and change. Explore your unique sensitivities, reactions and patterns to energy. Bring in  

Chiron to identify what area of your life holds your energetic areas of congestion (wounds) and your amazing gifts.

Build awarenesses of your clairs. Create powerful clarity and understanding on how you interact with energy.  Harness all of you and interact

with those in your world. 

Specifically useful for those born between 1968 - 1977. 

Develop solid grounding techniques so you have the ability to assess and respond to whatever happens in the external world and return to stability. Identify energy and learn to respond rather than react. 

Explore what creates your energetic wobble and use tools to bring you back into center. Deepen your energetic management skills so you can navigate the big energetic shifts, life changes,  parenting challenges and trust in life.   

Specially focused on normalizing energy awareness and responses. 

If you are parenting, stewarding, or working with any of these dynamic new energy kids this is for you. 

You explore ways to apply your self knowledge and your stabilizing and adaptability skills to trust in what you energetically read. You create new perspectives, gain internal wisdom, build tools and skills and untangle any of the ways stress or fears may interfere with how you  support your ever changing experiences and support them so they can shine.   

 Specifically for those who care for Crystalline, Rainbow and Diamond children. 

Energy... Emotions... Water
Management as Leadership

When we refine our wisdom, we broaden our own abilities to navigate through each day. We understand those around us and create ways to build connection and reduce conflict. We learn how

to discern what it is ours or what is the other's. We begin to identify what is within our own energy system flow and what comes from the collective global energy. We become more effective in all we do.

We lead through modeling our own stability and responses. 

We trust ourselves and our flow.

We energetically lead....

Our self. Our partner. Our relationships.

Within our parenting. To the world. 




Seven Coaching Sessions

This package is designed around the mystical number of seven.

The point where spirit and matter meets in consciousness.

Time to go within and discover your inner wisdom.

Invisible, full of potential and possibilities.

To be still and know.

A coaching package designed to align your mastery.

In this coaching time we blend what you have learned, what you know, what you want to create and expand beyond the traditional known methods of information. We access your own wisdom. We focus on your own energy.

We build your own understanding of the many parts our self management in order to create integration and embodiment within yourself. Also clarity and connection in the relationships that are dear to you.


The price is up to you. I have several options that all add up to seven. Of course.

Head on over to my scheduler and get the first session scheduled. 

We meet for 7 sessions over 7 weeks

Stay informed!

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The Indigo Assignment

Are you an Indigo?

What if you have always known you are here to do something truly powerful, yet, could never put your finger on the specifics of what that might be for you? 

What if all the ways you have been challenged and uncomfortable in your daily life is related to how unique you are to this Earth? 

This is a book of historical research, channeled messages, and intuitive writing, laying out the Indigo signature frequency with brand new information. This is a unique collection of perspectives from all dimensional levels, designed to help you understand the Indigo signature, and help you step into ownership as a galactic master with a specific purpose for our Earth.  

This is the first of four books in the New Energy Child series. 

"The Indigo Assignment is an act of generosity for those of us who feel our lives here on Earth hold a much deeper purpose than what we’ve been led to believe." ~ Katie Weinberger

Available on Amazon now!

Chiron Holds A Secret Key

Over the last 6 years I have been diving deep into the ways we can use astrology to identify the patterns and blocks we have to our energy and our ability to flow with life. This shows up in our relationship to ourself, within our partnerships and is passed on to our children unconsciously.... through the generations. 

What if you could align your energy and your purpose efficiently by working with Chiron and also Lilith?


What if this is one of the most effective ways to shift your own energy into love and acceptance?


What if you could begin to build your parenting/reparenting skills for the future?


This could be life changing for you, your inner child and your children.

I offer 90 minute sessions and coaching packages for exploring the ways to identify, take ownership and implement these wisdoms immediately into your life.  

You can book an hour, 90 minutes,  weekly, or twice a month sessions here. 

About Denise

Denise collects pieces of wisdom

and turns them into information. 


As an expert observer and assessor

of the energetic frequencies and patterns

within relationships, she works with our water

and the ways we connect and flow, 

changing and what holds invisible tensions

and constricts energetic potentials.


Her spidey sense went off in 2014 when she noticed something different was happening on our planet and it was showing up specifically within the family of origin and current familial systems and the collective abilities to understand water, emotions, and energy.  She began to address what she is seeing, in the programs she mentored, and the clients she coached, and the clinical teams she advised. 

She started building tools to assist the family system as it learned to honor each other, expand the new roles within the system and help each member discover what needed to shift and adjust so they could grow. 


She works with adults who are doing life and also parenting.  She focuses on how the daily energetic tensions get all tangled up and become prohibitive to energetic stability. Her work is on the relationship with self, then how this appears within child to parent, parent to child, and parent to parent relationships.

She uses her accumulated experiences, higher mind function and multidimensional perspectives to explore the relationship dynamics in need of acceptance, growth and frequencies so the family system can support the child in empowered ways. This includes parent child conflicts, emotional reactivities related to sensitivities or activated nervous systems, educational refusals, and budding energetic skills. Especially for those born since 1989.


She is particularly focused on those children born in the last 13 years who hold a unique ability to refuse to comply with old conditionings and hold tremendous wisdoms.  

If you are looking for tools to navigate through the changing roles of parenting, partnering, and stewarding... If you are interested in understanding your own emotions and energy in motion, Denise is able to guide you through your own self-knowledge; identify the challenges you face, your gifts, strengths and skills, and integrate some solid adjustments into your relationships. You will discover new self-wisdoms to create alternative perspectives and perceptions of what is actually possible. 


This is especially important as a parent of the new Diamond energy children. 

Take a moment to explore how she feels to you.  


Watch a video or two, click on some of her offerings, and let your curiosity flourish.

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